How To Buy

Farm Stand:

From mid-May through October, we will start selling fruits, veggies, and plants at our Chicago Ave garden (2825 W Chicago Ave) during the following hours:

Sundays Noon-5
Wednesdays Noon-5

Those are also the times we are open for chatting, hanging and volunteering.


Our CSA is full for this year, but let us know if you want to be added to our waiting list for next year.  Here’s some more information about our CSA:

This year we will be offering three distinct CSA seasons–Spring, Summer and Fall.  In our CSA, members come to the farm (2825 W Chicago Ave) to pick up their vegetables.  The pick up days are Sundays and Wednesdays.  Members commit to one day, and pick up their vegetables on that day all year.  The pick up time is from Noon-5p, or dusk.  Our shares are sold on a sliding price scale, where members can pay what they want.

Our Spring season share will run for 8 weeks during May and
June (Wednesday, May 8 – Sunday, June 30).  That season will bring
lettuces, micro greens, braising greens, baby greens, herbs, radishes,
scallions, and some other early delights.  The suggested cost for a share in our
Spring CSA is $120-$200 plus tax.

Our Summer share will run for 13 weeks during July, August and
September (Wednesday, July 3 – Sunday, September 29). The bags will be larger
during this season because we will be able to offer everything in
our garden–zucchini (and cousins), eggplants, peppers, tomatoes,
greens, melons, herbs, edible flowers, corn, lettuces,
broccoli–everything we think you’ll like!  This season will be 13
weeks long and the suggested cost is $260-$390 plus tax.

Our Fall share will run for 7 weeks during October and November (Wednesday,
October 2 – Sunday, November 17).  This season will offer more storage
items, heartier greens, as well as some of the same quick growers that
spring offered.  There will be potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins,
popcorn, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuces, scallions, herbs, kale,
etc and canned treats, too.  This suggested cost is $105-$185 plus tax.