Back in the Garden

I spent a half day working in the garden today, and it was great to be back digging at my own farm.  The soil is mostly thawed and I was able to build up more of the beds from the compost we generated in our walkways last season.  I filled some walkways with the last of our woodchips, and then another free load of woodchips from A-1 Tree Service.  I hope to spread those tomorrow before I leave for Minneapolis (to dance in an ice shanty).  Sai from A-1 has been really nice to us, dropping of loads of free woodchips whenever he’s in the area.  He also said he might be able to get us some logs to grow some mushrooms on.

I had been feeling overwhelmed and grumpy for the last few days, and a good day of digging and wheelbarrowing really helped me feel good about this upcoming season, and organize my thoughts and plans in a positive way.  Molly and I have been meeting twice a week to solidify our plans for the new season, and it is all very exciting!  Along with a wide variety of vegetables, this year we will be expanding with grains, dry beans, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and honey!  I’m really excited to be growing more types of food, and to be growing over a much longer season (our spring CSA will start May 1st this year).


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